Delicious locally grown fruits, veggies and more!

about Davis-BJs produce Company

For over 40 years we have looked forward to making new friends and serving our customers, many who have come to see us after being introduced to our stand by their parents.   – More About BJ’s Produce –

Where To Find Us
You’ve probably driven by us many times. We’re that Myrtle Beach staple produce stand that you will find on Highway 17 directly across from the Lakewood Campground, also just north from Ocean Lakes Campground, or just south from Pirateland Campground and Myrtle Beach State Park.

BJ's Produce and Groceries

Locally Sourced

See our rice, grains, jams and jellies.

Fresh Dairy

See our brown eggs, cheeses and dairy.

Fruits and Vegetables

See our delicious farm grown fruits & vegetables.

Nuts and Grains

See our varieties of nuts, snacks and grains.. 

Bringing farm fresh foods and produce to the Grand Strand for over 40 years.

Good Times for All

Over the years the wonderful customers here at BJ's have sent us some great shots of their memories. Just goes to show a visit here isn't just a visit to a Myrtle Beach fruitstand, it's really a visit to one of the beaches most long running attractions. We hope to make some memories with you too very soon.

What our Customers Say

Yes, our customers love us, but most of all they love our produce. Visitors from all over the east coast, the Carolinas, to right here local talk about this Myrtle Beach produce stand. See just a few of the raves and reviews we get below.